The British Geriatrics Society welcomes plans for strategic approach to funding of care for older people

The British Geriatrics Society welcomes yesterday’s announcement in the Chancellor’s Budget Statement that the Government will be publishing a Green Paper this year on the future financing of social care. We have been calling for a lasting solution to the current crisis and are pleased that there is a clear recognition of the need for a sustainable and strategic approach to the funding of care for older people.

We also welcome the announcement of additional funding for social care in England which is urgently needed. However, we continue to be concerned about the capacity to deliver adequate social care support for older people within the current financial framework.

In response to the budget statement, Dr Eileen Burns, President of the British Geriatrics Society and a Clinical Director in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, commented:

“It is encouraging that the urgent need to address the crisis in social care has been recognised in today’s budget. BGS members see the effects every day when older people’s discharge from hospital is delayed because of difficulties in accessing social care, and the likelihood of presenting at A&E or being re-admitted is increased.

We believe that the inter-dependent nature of health and social care services means that the long-term sustainability of the NHS can only be secured if there is sufficient investment in both health and social care. At present many older people living with frailty, dementia and complex long-term conditions are experiencing poorer health outcomes because social care has not kept pace with the increase in demand. We look forward to publication of the Green Paper later this year”

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