About the BGS

The British Geriatrics Society is the professional body of specialists in the health care of older people in the United Kingdom. Membership is drawn from doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, scientists and others with a particular interest in the care of older people and the promotion of better health in old age. It has over 3,100 members worldwide and is the only society in the UK which draws together experts from all the relevant disciplines in the field.

The BGS is an advocate of equal access to health care treatment. It believes that all older people should be entitled to a comprehensive assessment, a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan, regardless of their age.

The BGS uses the expertise of its members to inform and influence the development of health care policy in the UK and to ensure the design, commissioning and delivery of age appropriate health services. The BGS works closely with other specialist medical societies and allies itself with age-related charities.

The BGS strives to promote better understanding of the health care needs of older people. It holds events and shares examples of best practice to ensure that older people are treated with dignity and respect and that wherever possible, older people live healthy, independent lives.

For more information visit: www.bgs.org.uk 

2 thoughts on “About the BGS

  1. Great article. I agree with loneliness and isolation as being considered the, “next big public health issue” for the older population, and that having valid and reliable tools to measure both objective and social isolation will definitely guide public health initiatives in the right direction.
    I also think that there would be a lot of insight to be gained from more qualitative type research, that honed in on the personal experiences of older people. This Insight could help illuminate those hard to quantify experiences such as, “feelings of being alone in a crowded room,” and allow public health initiatives to connect to the isolated on a more personal, relatable level through their communications.
    I am thrilled to have found this blog dedicated to improving the treatment, health, and lives of older people!

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