Love makes the world go round but sex adds the sparkles: A review of “Dementia, Sex and Wellbeing”

Uruakanwa Ekwegh is a Specialty Doctor in Medicine for older people, with an interest in acute frailty and medical education. Her Twitter handle is @Kanwa10

Before I started to read this book, I asked myself, “what do you think of when you hear ‘dementia and sex’?” Two phrases leapt to my mind: “inappropriate behaviour” and “safeguarding issues”. The author acknowledges this perspective when she states that in this group of people, the issue of sex is only raised in the context of problems or concerns. She pointedly asks, “Why would we choose to ignore sex when so many adults consider it to be one of their activities of daily living?” Sex as an ADL? What a novel idea!

While reading this book, I was drawn into her conversational style of writing. She cleverly navigates the line between “stuffy” and “fluffy”. Just as I would start getting bogged down with the academic stuff, she would bring in a practical or true life example to liven things up again. And she expertly uses her words to paint the pictures of the people in her examples; you are present and witness the conversations that she references. Continue reading