Have you got access to Summary Care Records?

1427691715_9a4935ee07_oDr Emyr Wyn Jones is Clinical Ambassador at the National Implementation Summary Care Records Service: he tweets at @emyr_wyn

Were you aware of the existence of Summary Care Records (SCRs)?  They are mentioned in one of six Quick Guides that are included in a section of the NHS England website on Transforming Urgent and Emergency Care.

Almost every person in England now has a Summary care Record (SCR).  To be exact, more than 55 million people or 96% of the registered population have had a SCR uploaded electronically from their GP record to the National Spine.  This number is still increasing.  In the foreseeable future, an SCR will have been created for everyone in the country apart from those people (only 1.4% of all those who were contacted) who have indicated that they wish to opt-out of having a SCR.

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