Book Review: Best of five MCQs for the Geriatric Medicine SCE

Samuel Blows is a SpR in Geriatric Medicine on the North East London rotation and has a particular interest in Medical Education. He tweets @blowseyBest of 5

Best of Five MCQs for geriatric medicine SCE comprises three full mock papers each with one hundred questions. Following each paper there is a section with answers and detailed explanations.

The questions will give the candidate a fair idea of what to expect come the exam. The questions are challenging without exceeding what would be expected of a successful candidate. At the same time there is a comparable mix of subjects including questions about continence alongside questions about complex discharge planning. In addition to this the question “stems” mimic the length and detail a candidate would receive in the exam allowing the book to be taken as 3 separate “mock” papers or the candidate can work through it at his/her leisure. Continue reading