Who’s our jolly good Fellow?

The Editorial Board of Age and Ageing is delighted to announce the launch of a Fellowship attached to the Age and Ageing Journal.

This opportunity is intended for trainees who plan a career in geriatric medicine who are interested in medical publishing. The 2-year appointment will run concurrently with the Fellow’s usual clinical post (or during period out of programme for research).

The Fellow will learn about manuscript preparation, peer review, manuscript editing, and journal production.

Roles will include involvement in general Journal business including handling submissions (under the supervision of the Editor or Associate Editor). Continue reading

Underfunded. Underdoctored. Overstretched.

Dr Zoe Wyrko is a Consultant physician at University Hospital Birmingham and is the Director of Workforce for the BGS. In this blog she discusses the recent RCP report ‘Underfunded. Underdoctored. Overstretched. The NHS in 2016‘. She tweets @geri_baby

underfunded-underdoctored_0The Royal College of Physicians have published a report Underfunded. Underdoctored. Overstretched. The NHS in 2016. It clearly lays out that honest debate is needed, and choices are going to have to be made – increases in funding or cuts in care. It states that a new plan is needed, not yet another  quick fix or temporary solution, rather one that is designed to meet the UK’s health and care needs in the long term, and that values, supports and motivates NHS staff. Continue reading

Get Involved: BGS Meetings Secretary

The BGS is recruiting for a new Deputy Meetings Secretary who will in turn succeed as Meetings Secretary.  Here the current Meetings Secretary, Dr Nigel Stout, who tweets as @Tlocdoc, explains what attracted him to the voluntary role.shutterstock_55310137

I had been a consultant for about 7 years and was beginning to feel comfortable in my role.  Part of my consultant life had been spent working in Sydney and I had recently returned to the UK.  I was therefore looking for a new challenge and saw the advert for Deputy Meetings Secretary on the BGS website.  This was not a job that I had previously considered but the challenge caught my attention.  I was already involved with the Cardiovascular Section of the Society and so had some experience of organising a conference although on a smaller scale.  With the permission (and encouragement) of my colleagues I sent in a brief CV and waited. Continue reading