The eFI: a major advance in frailty care

Andrew_resized_2Andy Clegg is a senior lecturer at Leeds University, and a consultant geriatrician at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Here, he discusses his recent Age & Ageing paper on a new breakthrough in frailty care.

Frailty is a condition that is common in older age. It develops because as we get older our bodies change, and can lose their inbuilt reserves. These changes mean that older people with frailty can experience sudden, dramatic changes in their health when they have an illness or injury.

International guidelines recommend that frailty should be identified routinely so that a more holistic approach to care can be taken, and effective treatments provided. However, the main difficulty with identifying frailty routinely is that the tools that are available, such as measuring walking speed, grip strength, or frailty questionnaires require additional resource, and might be inaccurate.

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