New patient experience measure could give older people a greater say in their care

UntitledA new Patient-Reported Experience Measure (PREM) published as a research paper in Age and Ageing, the journal of the British Geriatrics Society, has allowed healthcare professionals to explore patients’ experience of intermediate care in ways which previously weren’t possible.

Recording data on patient care in these very vulnerable patient groups has historically been difficult, but researchers from the University of Leeds have successfully piloted a new questionnaire, making it possible to take these patients’ perspective into account.

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The National Audit of Intermediate Care 2014

Prof John Young is the National Clinical Director for Integration and Frail Elderly for NHS England. He is an Honorary Consultant Geriatrician, Bradford Teaching Hospitals and Head of the Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation at the University of Leeds. Here he updates his recent commentary published in Age and Ageing journal.NatAuditIntermediateCare

Some solutions can be hidden in plain sight. Those of us closely connected with intermediate care will certainly see these services as an important part of the solution for our overheated health and social care system. Perhaps it requires a time of austerity and an ageing population for the potential of intermediate care to be drawn into focus. The National Audit of Intermediate Care 2014 provides this focus. It allows us to take stock; to pose and receive answers to two fundamental questions: can intermediate care deliver good outcomes at an affordable cost; and, is it making a difference? Continue reading