A Christmas message from Matron Brooke (part 2)

mbIn the second of her two Christmas messages to the BGS, “Matron Brooke” (a.k.a. Bridget Leach from the Heart of England Foundation Trust) gives us her own inimitable take on the festive season.

Hello My Dears

The Festive Season is once more upon us and, as has become traditional, I am sitting at my bureau penning my Christmas message to my colleagues and dear friends hard at work in our beloved NHS. I always write in a fountain pen of course, finding the biro leads to a more scruffy hand.

What a year; every time one sees a paper our NHS is in trouble for yet more misdemeanours. I have informed the staff here at Greenfields that they should no longer buy the red tops and stick to the broadsheets, but there are a couple of residents who will insist on The Daily Mail (I believe they were both ‘in trade’) and one who will read nothing other than The Daily Mirror. How one is expected to be aware of what is going on in the world, when met with front page headlines concerning someone with the ridiculous name of Posh and erstwhile ‘celebrities’ having jungle holidays, I will never know.

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