A Christmas message from Matron Brooke (part 1)

mbIn time-honoured tradition, the BGS blog takes a more light-hearted turn over Christmas. This year, we’ve received a pair of festive messages from Matron Brooke, the comic creation of Bridget Leach, Lead Nurse at the Heart of England Foundation Trust. 

My Dears,

My missive this Christmas comes not via my bureau in my room at Greenfields Home for retired gentlefolk but from a hospital bed no less! A little early but I find I have rather a lot of time on my hands this past week. I have been here for something approaching a week now and  to say I have been surprised both pleasantly  and unpleasantly is an understatement.

My journey (I believe any trial or episode in one’s life is now termed thus) began last Friday morning. I woke at my usual time of 5am (old habits die hard) and felt rather off colour; I decided a visit to my en-suite facilities was required rather urgently and started to make my way, next thing I knew I tripped over my bed table, knocking over one of my finest Capodimonte figuerines in the process. The staff heard my shriek and came rushing in.

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