Spring Speakers Series: Geriatricians and Digital Records – are friends electric?

Dr Colin Mitchell is a consultant geriatrician and divisional IT lead for medicine at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust. He is also a retired video-game reviewer from the halcyon days of 1996 and had a Twitter account @drcolinmitchell before most of you had heard of it. Credentials. He will be speaking at BGS Spring Meeting in Gateshead.

If you want to know what NHS hospital records looked like in 1985, take a look at NHS hospital records today. Unlike almost every other large scale organisation or industry, or even our GP colleagues, most hospital doctors in the UK still largely use paper records as part of the daily routine. But finally that seems to be changing. A bit.

The move towards Electronic Health Records is often described as inevitable, but that’s what they said 10 years ago! Continue reading