Age and Ageing collection: Developments in Stroke Medicine

Dr Victoria Haunton is Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Specialist Registrar at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Prof Tom Robinson is Professor of Stroke Medicine at Leicester Royal Infirmary and is an Associate Editor and the Supplements Editor for Age and Ageing journal.MCA-Stroke-Brain-Humn-2A

A collection of 10 Age and Ageing papers is free to view on the journal website.

Despite the dramatic revolution in stroke medicine, levels of stroke knowledge amongst the general public remain surprisingly poor, and there are still significant difficulties in getting patients to access stroke services promptly. Stephanie Jones et al sought to try and understand these problems in their important integrative review. Worryingly, they found that people struggle to name even one stroke risk factor or stroke symptom, particularly when open ended questions are used. Knowledge is especially poor in older members of the population, ethnic minority groups and those with a lower socio-economic status, but there is also a surprising lack of knowledge amongst those who have already suffered a stroke. Furthermore, there appears to be a real paradox between what people say they would do and what they would actually do in the event of a stroke; whilst at least 47% said they would contact emergency medical services if they suspected they or a relative were experiencing a stroke, only 18% of stroke patients had actually done this. There is therefore an urgent need for further public education. In light of their findings, Stephanie Jones and colleagues suggest that the ideal campaign should minimise barriers to health services and provide cues to action. Continue reading

Welsh Stroke Conference 2012

Friday 22nd June 2012

Riverfront Centre, Newport

An exciting line-up of speakers including local colleagues showcasing recent advances in stroke service delivery with examples of good practice in Wales. Details about the final programme and registration will be available from our new website by 1st March 2012

Posters/Abstract will be along the themes of Science, Service and Clinical Cases. Information/guidance about posters/Abstract available here. Abstracts to be received by the end of March 2012 and there will be prizes for each category.

  • Medics fee: Early Bird – £150 (to end of April) or £170 (after 1 May).
  • Non medics: Early Bird – £30 (to end of April) or £40 (after 1 May).
  • Half day fees: half cost of day fee.

Please note these future stroke meeting dates:

  • Friday 21st June 2013
  • Friday 20th June 2014