Care centred around the patient: discontinuing the lack of continuity of care

PrintDr Mark Temple is the Future Hospital Officer at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), overseeing the implementation of the Future Hospital Programme. The aim of the programme is to take the recommendations of the Future Hospital Commission report from page to clinical practice. The BGS is a partner supporting this programme.

While being interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live, recently, I was rendered speechless by an angry carer whose elderly mother had moved wards five times during an acute admission, one of which included a transfer to a different hospital site. This is indefensible.

Lack of continuity of care is the number one concern amongst physicians. Patients and carers express this as a lack of ‘joined-up’ care, characterised by multiple ward moves and general bewilderment about ‘who is in charge?’

The RCP’s Future Hospital Commission report identified that the frail older patient with multiple co-morbidities is now the NHS’ ‘core business’. Sadly, examples of these patients’ needs not being met by consistent standards of care, including continuity of care, are all too readily available.

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British Geriatrics Society Scientific meeting: Day 2

This week sees the 2013 BGS Autumn Scientific Meeting take place in Harrogate. This international multi-disciplinary conference is for professionals concerned with the the health and care of older people. We will be presenting a packed scientific programme, with updates on a variety of clinical topics covering several special interests.poster exhibition

The second day of our conference opens at 9.00 with the President’s Welcome Address, followed by an update on the BGS response to the Francis Report.

Session G (9.20-10.30) is dedicated to Syncope beginning with Prof Roseanne Kenny (Trinity College Dublin) on the assessment of the older patient with syncope, followed by Dr Michael Norton (South of Tyne and Wear) who will be discussing when a cardiologist should see an older patient with syncope? Continue reading

7-Day Working: Enjoy these weekends while you can…

Amit Arora is a consultant physician in care of older people and Chair of the England Council of the BGS.shutterstock_99503927

The Francis report, Bruce Keogh’s mortality review, the winter beds crisis, A/E crisis and Future Hospitals commission report from the Royal College of Physicians and some statements from the Hon Health Secretary have a common theme- Care of Older people. It comes as no surprise that finally the realization seems to have come that care of older people can be improved and though expensive, it is worthwhile. Continue reading

The RCP Future Hospitals Commission: That was the week that was.

Prof David Oliver is a Consultant Geriatrician in Berkshire and a visiting Professor in Medicine of Older People at City University, London. He is President Elect of the British Geriatrics Society. jumper

Twenty-first century health and care services face a number of existential challenges. I do say “challenges” rather than use apocalyptic language of crisis and catastrophe but face them head on, we need to respond with constructive solutions. These challenges are universal in developed and developing nations – even those spending more per capita on healthcare and have been widely acknowledged. Continue reading

The Future Hospital Commission: An opportunity to develop best practice around multiple morbidity?

Amit Arora is a consultant physician in care of older people and Chair of the England Council of the BGS.Amit

The Future Hospital Commission report from the RCP has made many recommendations. It recognizes that most patients who attend hospitals do not just have a single medical condition. It highlights the need for some specialists but also more generalists. It also specifically mentions the benefits of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment  and the need for continued care in the community. Continue reading

Joining forces: The Future Hospital Commission and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Zoe Wyrko is a Consultant physician at University Hospital Birmingham and is the Honorary Secretary for the BGS. She tweets at @geri_babyCGAandFHC 

The Future Hospital Commission (FHC) report, like so many other recent publications, acknowledges that our hospitals are not set up to meet the needs of the majority of people who use them. Where the FHC differs, however, is that it clearly states that routine incorporation of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) into the care of vulnerable older people is a way to address this.  Continue reading