Looking out, not in: a week at the European Academy for Medicine of Ageing

eamaDr. Thomas Jackson is a geriatrician and clinical research fellow, investigating delirium and dementia in general hospital settings. On January 26th – 30th he attended the European Academy for Medicine of Ageing, which aims to bring together mid-career geriatricians from over Europe and beyond to improve knowledge and develop into “future teachers and leaders in geriatrics”. Here he shares his experience and reflections on a stimulating week.

With a certain trepidation I flew into a snowy Munich airport, met with colleagues from across Europe and up the hills we went; the roads getting smaller and the snow deeper.  However any concerns I had were put to rest pretty much immediately.  After introductions of new students we were treated to our first Teacher’s State of the Art lecture, a tour de force by Professor Jeune from Denmark about the longevity dividend from which I also learnt a lot of Greek mythology (the Tithinos error anyone?).

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