Review of the iPhone app for Delirium and Dementia

Dr Sutha Yoganathan reviews the new iPhone app: Confusion: Delirium and Dementiamzl.zlgfmbab

App type: A mix of E-learning/ Clinical Bedside.

Platform and Costs: Apple, Free

Target Audience: Junior Doctors, GPs, Allied health Professionals, Medical Students, Hospital Doctors

Test Drive: The delirium and dementia app is one of the few clinical apps that have been designed with the UK-NHS inspired approach towards managing the confused patient. Based upon the latest NICE guidelines of their respective subject matter, the app makes a decent stab at tackling what many junior doctors find to be a tricky issue. Continue reading

Where’s Mrs Y? The effects of unnecessary ward moves

Miles Witham and Marion McMurdo have shared their concerns about unnecessary ward moves on the Oxford University Press blog.Lady in Hospital

It’s a Thursday morning in February, and I have just arrived on the ward to start my ward round. Mrs Y, a lady in her 90’s with dementia, was admitted with pneumonia a few days ago. She is on the mend, rehabilitating well, and we planned to get her home tomorrow with some extra home care. Now she is nowhere to be seen. Continue reading