British Geriatrics Society comments on provision of GP services in Care Homes

BGS Logo CMYKFollowing today’s news that GP representatives of the British Medical Association have voted for a change in contractual arrangements, which may adversely affect their provision of services to care home residents, BGS President Professor David Oliver has made the following comments on behalf of the Society:

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When Life is Academic

Marion McMurdo is Professor of Ageing and Health at the University of Dundee. She tweets at @NIHRCRNageingshutterstock_100411084

No, I’m not splitting the atom, I’m not fiddling with genes, and I categorically guarantee that no molecules have been harmed as part of my research.

I’m a clinical academic in ageing research, and I’m having fun.

Yes, I appreciate that having fun at work is somewhat unusual, and is viewed with deep suspicion in many quarters.  Like all my NHS colleagues in the Medicine of Old Age, I am a realistic optimist, and I have chosen to devote my academic career to clinical ageing research. Continue reading