What actually is frailty?

Chris Beech is a Nurse Consultant at NHS Forth Valley, Falkirk. She is member of the BGS Specialist Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Special Interest Group.ANAM2B

Frailty is all around us, especially when you take a quick peek at the recent literature on working with older people. It is important that nurses working with older people in all care settings are aware of what frailty is, what the implications are if someone is identified as living with frailty and what, if anything, can be done about it.

We all have a picture in our head of a frail person, the problem is that there is a big chance that this picture is a different image to the one the person sitting next to you is thinking of. It is important therefore to have the ability to put an objective view point into play. Continue reading

Acute care for older people – approaching consensus?

Dr Simon Conroy is Head of Geriatric Medicine, University Hospitals of Leicester, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Leicester and an Associate Editor for Age and Ageing journal.shutterstock_143133886

Some 300 physicians (geriatricians, acute physicians, emergency physicians), and some paramedics and primary care staff gathered at the Royal College of Physicians on the 26th June 2013, to discuss the topic de jour – acute care of older people.

The day started of poignantly with Dame Julie Mellor (Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman) ensuring that patients and their families remain the focus of our efforts. Continue reading