Book review : A Life worth living: Albert Camus and the quest for meaning

Professor Kenneth Rockwood reviews an inspirational book about the life and ideology of Albert Camus, the French Nobel award winning author, member of the Resistance and erstwhile philosopher. Professor Rockwood draws parallels from Camus’ life, thoughts and actions that relate to our daily lives, present challenges faced by the NHS and our care of older patients.ALifgeWorthLiving

  • Title: A Life Worth Living: Albert Camus and the quest for meaning.
  • Author: Robert Zarestsky.
  • Publisher: Harvard University Press
  • ISBN: 978-0674724761
  • Price: $22.95
  • Year of publication: 2013.

The unsurprising flurry of books in the run up to the 100th anniversary, in 2013, of the birth of Albert Camus, has prompted many claims – notably by French politicians of both the Left and Right – to his legacy. So what about Camus as – if not geriatrician – then gerontologist? Continue reading