You may not pull up at the Club with the FT under your arm…

Owen David is a Consultant Physician with an interest in Stroke and Elderly Care at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. He is the current Deputy Honorary Treasurer of the BGS. 

You might not dress to the nines, you may not pull up at the Club with the FT under your arm, and you may not be married to an accountant, but if you can question, use a basic calculator, get to London a few times a year and like getting involved, then being Deputy Honorary Treasurer to the British Geriatrics Society might be for you.

We are here to advise and help you in this and you will be helping the Society meet its obligations as a registered charity. There is a detailed brief on the role that makes clear the need for accountability and good lines of communication, as you would expect.

Although one of the more straightforward roles within the BGS, it gives a wealth of insight into the workings of the Society and the opportunity to get to know trustees and staff, if not already known to you. The Finance, Fundraising and Corporate Affairs Committee  (FFRCA) meets three times a year to discuss everything from the budget, long term plans, risk management and investments, to auditor reports and of course member subscription rates. The output from the FFRCA feeds directly into the main Trustees Board chaired by our president.

Key assets in the role are our accountant and other staff who know the meaning of regular ‘reconciliation’ so you do not have to. If you are a novice on the technicalities, a one-day training course is available to help you.

Budgeting ahead allows the Society to function properly and achieve future aims.

Clearly, breaking even in the short term is important, and so are longer-term financial plans so that we maintain financial sustainability. Following the sound stewardship of my predecessors Dr Pascal and Dr Vassallo, the Society has no imminent financial concerns. However flux is inherent, as our dedicated events team know, as they artfully keep expenditure below income in the preparation of each of our biannual national BGS conferences. Moneys from publishing and subscriptions are more predictable, as are the fixed outgoings such as salaries.

So if you are a clinician who likes wider engagement and wants to contribute to the future of the Society, then let us know. If you want more information then get in touch, as I’m sure all past treasurers and committee members will be able to provide guidance. What strengthens you strengthens the Society.

Nominations are invited for the post of Deputy Honorary Treasurer, to take office from November 2017. Nominations must reach the BGS Chief Executive by midnight on 28 July 2017.

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