Who’s our jolly good Fellow?

The Editorial Board of Age and Ageing is delighted to announce the launch of a Fellowship attached to the Age and Ageing Journal.

This opportunity is intended for trainees who plan a career in geriatric medicine who are interested in medical publishing. The 2-year appointment will run concurrently with the Fellow’s usual clinical post (or during period out of programme for research).

The Fellow will learn about manuscript preparation, peer review, manuscript editing, and journal production.

Roles will include involvement in general Journal business including handling submissions (under the supervision of the Editor or Associate Editor).

The Fellow will –

  • Be expected to write at least one editorial (with supervision) and participate in original research on the editorial process.
  • Attend the Editorial Board meetings during their term (as a non-voting member).
  • Attend at least one Committee on Publication Ethics forum/meeting.
  • Attend the BGS Autumn Meeting, and assist in the review of posters and abstracts as required.
  • Contribute to the journal’s social media presence.
  • Compile a brief report (with their supervising Associate Editor/the Editor in Chief) at the end of the Fellowship, to be submitted to the Editorial Board.

There will be no payment or honorarium but registration fees and reasonable travel expenses to attend the above meetings will be met, according to usual BGS policy.

Specific criteria for applicants and instructions on how to apply can be found here. Applications should be received by 03/07/2017 at aa@bgs.com addressed to Prof David Stott

David J Stott, Editor in Chief, Age and Ageing

Susan Shenkin, Associate Editor for systematic reviews, Age and Ageing

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