Nutrition in geriatric medicine in context

Prof Finbarr Martin is a Consultant Geriatrician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Medical Gerontology at King’s College London. He is a former President of the British Geriatrics Society.

tnt-geriatric-marketing-brochure-a4-v14-page-001Do you reach for protein to nibble within minutes of finishing a session at the Gym?  Many do. Protein bars, pots of creatine and drugs you can get at the Gym are all very well but they’re wasted on fit young things. What we really need to do is keep the best stuff for older people, especially our patients. So, OK, we have to justify the cost – there needs to be some evidence. On the plus side however our patients are not pulled aside by WADA or the other anti-doping bodies so they could get away with anabolics or even the odd transfusion. On the minus side maybe the anabolics don’t work! But good nutrition does!

Many of us know this but don’t get involved. “It’s for the dietician or the nurse”. Not so, there a lot that geriatricians need to know and be able to do. We need to be thinking more about where nutrition fits into ageing, illness and recovery. I just happen to have an excellent offer that does just that. TNT-Geriatrics-2

  • TNT = total nutritional therapy, the name of a suite of education tools across multiple specialties
  • Geriatrics – the course focused on the theory and practice that doctors need
  • 2 – the second version updated in 2014 by a range of experts from UK and Europe by the EUGMS (European Geriatric Medicine – we are founder members)

This is a tried and tested residential course designed by EUGMS clinicians, which has already been run in many European countries and elsewhere including Brazil and Japan. It covers all 12 knowledge areas and all 6 skills set out in the core curriculum of the syllabus for specialty training in Geriatric Medicine in the UK.

It puts nutrition in a geriatric medicine context –including sarcopenia, drug-food interactions, practical assessment and nutritional treatment. Time is spent about equally on the key content lectures and the consolidation and skills training through case studies and practical workshops applied to clinical populations. The faculty for this course are 3 UK geriatricians and a senior clinical academic dietician.

Your chance to attend is NOW, actually Thursday February 23rd to Saturday 25th, starting and finishing at lunchtime on each of these days. The venue is Burnham Beeches hotel in the countryside near Heathrow, comfortable but not ridiculous. Accommodation, food, dinners etc are all included. Yes, the cost will use your study leave budget but there really in no comparable training available designed specifically for you.

Register HERE

CPD approved

Transparency Note: The course is owned by EUGMS but was developed with an educational grant from Abbott Nutrition. No promotional material is included in the course.

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