Join us at the BGS Autumn Meeting for a warm Glasgow welcome!

secc-glasgowThe local organising committee in Glasgow have been preparing for the last two years to welcome the BGS Autumn Meeting in November. We are delighted to have such a varied and stimulating programme and are hoping for a well attended, stimulating and interactive conference where good ideas about innovative new services and research programmes will enthuse the membership in their ongoing care of older people in the United Kingdom.

Wednesday 23 November

We will start on Wednesday 23 November with a joint meeting with the Hospital at Home Group in Scotland along with our Community Geriatrics Section. Graham Ellis, who is well known to the Society for his innovative service redesign and evaluation of implementation of Hospital at Home, has led on the programme for Wednesday as an excellent overview of the different models of practice around the UK. The goal of improving care of older people in their own homes is high on our agenda and those of our politicians in Scotland and it will be relevant for all. We are very keen that our colleagues in nursing and AHP practice are aware of this meeting as it would be an ideal stand-alone day for them to join us at the Conference. Please spread the word to your nurse practitioners and AHPs. Remember the BGS will support attendance with reduced registration rates and, in some cases, grants to cover the costs.

Following our evening sponsors’ symposium, we will have a drinks reception in the SECC to allow some networking and to get tips on the best dining experience in Glasgow from the locals.

Thursday 24 November

Our programme for Thursday 24 November has something for everyone. Presentations in Orthogeriatric Service Development, Thyroid Disease in Older People, Delirium, Health Promotion and Stroke are amongst the topics in a very varied platform. We were very pleased to hear that Sir Muir Grey, Director of the Better Value in Health Care and Professor of Knowledge Management at the University of Oxford has agreed to give our guest lecture on the Thursday teatime – How to Stay Young and Get Younger – who could miss this?

Our conference dinner will be held in the Grand Central Hotel, one of the old railway hotels in the very centre of Glasgow. It has been refurbished in the last few years and provides a very plush setting for an evening dinner. You will be delighted to know we have secured the services of one of the best ceilidh bands in Scotland to provide us with entertainment and exercise – even if you do not know the dances, a friendly Scot will take your hand and lead you through the steps. I promise you will enjoy it! Please sign up when you book your conference registration.

Friday 25 November

Again, a variety of topics are covered that are relevant to us all. Improving Care for Older People with Christine McAlpine, Jason Leitch doing a double act, both having been heavily involved in quality improvement work for older people in Scotland. Tom Downes will give a wider view on this too.

We are delighted to be able to announce that due to Graham Ellis’s links with the Cochrane Collaboration, he has secured the services of Professor Laurence Rubenstein from Oklahoma, USA, to give the Trevor Howell Guest Lecture on Friday morning. His experience at assessing the evidence for comprehensive geriatric assessment has been a game changer. Please do not miss this.

We will learn more about molecular biology, head injury and polypharmacy and will finish the early afternoon with a tour de force on Surgical Patients Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

Take Home Message

Book up for BGS Glasgow Autumn Meeting 23-25 November 2016. The weather is likely to be dull and rainy so spending time indoors will be no loss. We do, however, promise a very warm Glasgow welcome.

Thanks to Geraint Collingridge and his team at BGS for organisational support in pulling this programme together. All that is needed now for a successful conference is for you to attend. We look forward to seeing you then.

Jennifer Burns

Deputy Appraisal Lead/Secondary Care
Consultant Physician
Department of Medicine for the Elderly
Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Chair of Local Organising Committee



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