What is an STP? Do you know what is in your area’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan?

Caroline Cooke is BGS’s new Policy Manager. She joined us at the beginning of June. Here she explains the significance of STPs for health and care services in England.  

carolineThe constant change and the number of new initiatives in the NHS can be bewildering if you haven’t been directly involved at the start.  Or if you have been involved you may be experiencing a mixture of excitement, frustration or cautious optimism at the prospect of new ways of working that are ultimately aimed at delivering fully integrated health and care services. Staying up to date and engaged with the plans that NHS England is driving forward is key if you want to have an influence on them.

When it comes to Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for your area you may have been closely involved in their development or had little or no involvement at all.  But for all health practitioners based in England these plans will shape the future of health and care services for older people.

The aim behind the creation of STPs is to ensure that health and care service are based upon the needs of local populations in order to support successful implementation of the NHS Five Year Forward View.  STPs bring together NHS providers, CCGs, local authorities and other health and care services and are organised as 44 STP ‘footprints’.  A ‘footprint’ is the geographical area in which people and organisations are working together to develop plans to transform and sustain the delivery of health and care services.

Together with the Five Year Forward View Vanguards, STPs will play a key role in helping to deliver fully integrated care.  We therefore encourage you to find out what is in the plan for your area, and if you have any concerns, to bring them to the attention of your ‘footprint ‘ lead.

In order to further build the strong evidence base that BGS speaks from it would be really useful to know more about your own knowledge and experience of the development process for STPs; the issues, opportunities and concerns you think they present.  Please do leave your comments or get in touch with me directly at policy@bgs.org.uk.

A full list of the 44 Footprints, together a breakdown of population and number of CCGs can be found here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/stp-footprints-march-2016.pdf

A list of the people who have been appointed as the lead for each footprint is also available at:  https://www.england.nhs.uk/2016/03/leaders-confirmed/

1 thought on “What is an STP? Do you know what is in your area’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan?

  1. Great! And it will highlight to readers that we are now publishing qualitative papers, which is a relatively new move and hopefully attractive to nurses and AHPs.

    Good luck with the final touches. I’ll share it when it out.


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