Bone health in older people: new Age and Ageing collection brings together leading research

aaA new collection of research published today by Age and Ageing, the scientific journal of the British Geriatrics Society, brings together some of the leading international research on bone health in older people.

Thirteen key papers were chosen for their originality and influence, with more than 350 citations in peer reviewed journals. They cover topics including kyphosis and vertebral fracture, predictors of fracture risk, frailty, environmental factors and exercise.

The new collection on bone health is available as a free download from the Age and Ageing website:

Dr Terry Aspray, one of the collection’s editors, said:

“The consequences of osteoporosis are a major source of misery for older people, many of whom may be quite ignorant of this silent disease, which only presents problems when fractures occur.

Age is the most important risk factor for osteoporotic fracture:  clinicians caring for older people have been major innovators in developing knowledge about this condition, through education and clinical research.

There have been a number of key publications in Age and Ageing over the years. This is a timely review of some of these papers, presenting a critical mass of material to engage readers and enhances their understanding osteoporosis, fragility fractures and their prevention.”

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