British Geriatrics Society responds to comments from Taxpayers Alliance on older people

BGS Logo CMYKThe British Geriatrics Society has today issued a strongly-worded statement in response to recent comments from the Taxpayers Alliance regarding financial support for older people.

Speaking on behalf of the BGS, the Society’s President Professor David Oliver said:

“Calls for the ending of the winter fuel allowance, bus pass and TV licence as benefits for pensioners are short-sighted and misguided.

Far from being a waste of tax payers’ money, these measures are public health investments in the wellbeing of older people; they are exactly the kinds of public health support that is required if the aims of NHS England’s Five Year Forward View are to be met.

In calling for the ending of these supports to older people, the Taxpayers Alliance is out of step with political and health sector leaders and strategists who, in one fringe event after another at the Conservative Party Conference, have highlighted the need to keep people well for longer, to avoid the onset of preventable illness and to encourage social and community connectedness.

The winter fuel allowance is a practical response to the danger of excess winter mortality among older people, helping them to heat their homes and avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital with respiratory and other illnesses.

The bus pass assists older people to get out of the house, meet friends and family, participate in social activities and continue contributing to community life. The TV licence is a valuable support, in particular to people on low income and living alone.

The British Geriatrics Society calls on political and heath sector figures to reject the misguided and destructive policies lobbied for by the Taxpayers Alliance, and instead ensure that older people receive the support they need.”

1 thought on “British Geriatrics Society responds to comments from Taxpayers Alliance on older people

  1. I am a higher rate taxpayer and semiretired geriatrician aged over 65. I am not sure that this press release is suitable from a society that is committed to the concept of evidence supporting policy. Is there any data for the idea that the fuel allowance prevents unnecessary admissions? Is there any relationship between the allowance and excess winter deaths? Has it narrowed the gap between us and Siberia (no excess in winter deaths). Pensioners need a decent income not an allowance that is politically ‘warm.’ I approve of universal benefits with clawback so the most incapable do not have to claim. I should pay 40% tax on my fuel allowance and 40% tax on the cost of an annual prescription ‘season ticket’ ( as I take a load of prescribed medication). I should also pay something for my London bus and tube pass, perhaps a flat rate of £50. I am not old enough for a TV license but if eligible it again should be taxed at 40%. I don’t think that this any of this would increase unnecessary hospital admissions.

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