G4J Connect: Bristol

Hot on the heels of evening events in Leeds and Glasgow, a team in Bristol will be running a free teaching event on behalf of the Association for Elderly Medicine Education (AEME) on 26th March 2015. AEME tweets at @ElderlyMedEd.

This event is open to any junior doctors who look after elderly patients as part of their job, and would be particularly suitable for foundation doctors and core medical trainees. The programme consists of snappy, interactive talks on topics such as interface geriatrics and Parkinson’s disease. Towards the end, those considering pursuing a career in geriatric medicine will have the chance to address a panel of specialist trainees from across the Severn region regarding being the med reg and applications to ST3. If this last part would not be for you, you are welcome to attend the rest of the evening and leave beforehand.

AEME is a non-profit organisation formed by a group of geriatric medicine trainees in the Northeast of England in 2012. It supports and organises activities relating to education in geriatric medicine, and encourages healthcare professionals to explore a career in the specialty.  Further information may be found on the association’s website: http://aeme.org.uk/

So, an evening of excellent teaching, the chance to ask about your med reg fears, and free refreshments sponsored by the British Geriatrics Society…what are you waiting for? Go to http://aeme.org.uk/g4jconnect/bristol/ to reserve your place and find-out details for the day.

We look forward to seeing you in Bristol!

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