Book Review: Best of five MCQs for the Geriatric Medicine SCE

Samuel Blows is a SpR in Geriatric Medicine on the North East London rotation and has a particular interest in Medical Education. He tweets @blowseyBest of 5

Best of Five MCQs for geriatric medicine SCE comprises three full mock papers each with one hundred questions. Following each paper there is a section with answers and detailed explanations.

The questions will give the candidate a fair idea of what to expect come the exam. The questions are challenging without exceeding what would be expected of a successful candidate. At the same time there is a comparable mix of subjects including questions about continence alongside questions about complex discharge planning. In addition to this the question “stems” mimic the length and detail a candidate would receive in the exam allowing the book to be taken as 3 separate “mock” papers or the candidate can work through it at his/her leisure.

Where Best of Five MCQs for geriatric medicine SCE excels is the explanation section. Each explanation is detailed and gives the candidate a chance to learn as well as picking up real “gems” of information that could mean gaining the extra percentages come exam time.

If the candidate is sitting the exam in the midpoint in his/her training then the book itself provides some really cute learning opportunities covering subspecialties that may yet to be experienced at a later date  in the candidates training (e.g. for me I was yet to hear of “The get up and Go (TUG) test” as was yet to cover falls clinics)

The explanations are well referenced often with NICE or SIGN guidelines that can help guide the candidate with further reading, this is helpfully done in a modern fashion by providing web links for the aforementioned further reading. Overall this bookfills an area where resources are sparse and will be a valuable read for trainees who are hoping to become MRCP (UK) (Geriatric Medicine).

More details of the book can be found here.

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