Tell us about your team!

All around the UK (and the world) there are some fantastic teams working with older people. We would like to hear about them!

Starting soon, our new blog series aims to have a team profiled every week on the BGS Blog website.

So if you think your team works really well together, does something unique, or makes a really positive impact on care for older people, then why not write a short blog (tips below) and send it to us with a picture of the team? It helps to disseminate good practice, and it’s nice for people to know who you are and what you do!

Please send your blog to

Advice on blogging:

– About 500 words is fine

– Write in an informal/conversational style

– Include any weblinks to resources if appropriate

– Give it a punchy title!

– Include the names and twitter handles of team members, if they are happy for you to do so

– We will review the blog and may suggest some edits

– If you know somebody on a team who would like to know about this, spread the word!

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