Frailsafe is growing…

Zoe Wyrko is a Consultant physician at University Hospital Birmingham and is the Director of Workforce for the BGS. She tweets at @geri_babyfrailSafeLogo

Sometimes, when you are closely involved with something it can be hard to see how far you have come until you stop and take a look back. In February I wrote about how the checklist to improve the care of older people living with frailty had developed from a ‘good idea’ into a multi-organisational collaborative project funded by a Health Foundation grant. Tom Downes has also previously blogged about the project.

Pilot sites have been selected, agreements signed, and multidisciplinary teams chosen within hospitals to take the work forward. Behind the scenes a project manager has been appointed, and the design and evaluation team have been visiting the hospitals which will be taking Frailsafe on to the next stage. An eye-catching logo has been designed and unanimously agreed on by the Frailsafe team (the colour scheme was influenced by establishing which colours would still print true even on NHS printers that are running out of ink!)

Probably most importantly for the moment, our website at has now been launched. It contains information about the project and who is involved, and will develop further as frailsafe grows. It also contains a members only area to allow the participating teams to share ideas and comments securely.

We are currently looking forward to our preliminary learning session which takes place in Sheffield in a few weeks time. It will be the first time that all the participants and development team have met together (and is going to allow me to put faces to names at last!) It should also lead to version 7 of the Frailsafe tool, which will be used and evaluated by the pilot sites.

So we’ve come a long way… but there’s an awful lot further to go. If Frailsafe is Mount Everest then we’ve probably reached basecamp. But we have every intention of making it to the summit, with the end result of a tool which can be used worldwide to improve the care of older people with frailty.

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