Research in Metabolic Bone Disease and Musculoskeletal trauma

Arthritis Research UK is working to improve the care of patents with osteoporosis, other metabolic bone disorders and musculoskeletal trauma by funding high quality clinical research. ARUKlogo

They are now looking to extend the clinical studies group and add 4 new topic specific groups and are particularly interested in applicants from endocrinology, gerontology, orthopaedics and trauma, rehabilitation, primary care, clinical chemistry, study methodologists, health service managers and rheumatology.

Clinical Studies Group vacancies.

The aim of the clinical studies group is to provide oversight to received clinical trials by giving support and feedback to applicants to improve their study application’s competitiveness and then final support to Arthritis Research UK Clinical Studies Subcommittee.

Members of the CSG would be expected to lend their expertise to improve study applications and inform the overall priority setting for the CSG. They would also be expected to promote awareness of the CSG to the wider research community and be invited to submit research applications either directly to the CSG or via the appropriate TSG.

The CSG has a one hour teleconference every two months in addition to 3 face-to-face meetings a year. Travel expenses will be covered. Posts are subject to re-application every 4 years.

Topic Specific Groups

  1. i) Osteoporosis and fragility fracture reduction
  2. ii) Musculoskeletal trauma
  3. iii) Rare bone disorders
  4. iv) Vitamin D across life course.

The primary purpose of these groups is to provide a critical mass forum to focus research priorities within each topic domain. A role of the TSG is to clarify the specific research questions in terms of population, intervention, comparator and outcomes using their collective expertise that can then be submitted to the CSG for further development. Investigators with study ideas will be encouraged to approach the relevant TSG champions (or CSG chair) in the first instance for constructive feedback. Members of the TSG will also be invited to submit study applications.

Each TSG will have a champion who will be responsible for submitting minutes from each meeting as well as brief annual report listing achievements and plans for the next three years. To ensure good communitcation between the TSG chamption will sit on the CSG.

Each TSG champion will be allocated funds for an annual face-to-face meeting that maybe used to define standards, invite outside experts and review applications as well as quarterly teleconferences. Travel expenses for members will be covered. Posts are subject to re-application every 4 years.

Application process:

Please send your CV with a covering letter of a page or less outlining the post(s) you wish to apply for (CSG, TSG, TSG champion) and a supporting statement to:

The application deadline is 23.59 on the 30th of April. Applications will be reviewed by the CSG and successful applicants notified by email by 2nd June 2014.


For futher information please see the ARUK Metabolic bone and fracture CSG website or contact me at

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