Website Review:

Website Review: Informative/E-learning

Target Audience: Hospital Doctors, Jnr Doctors, GPs, Allied health Professionals, Medical Students, General Public

Validity:  Written by and based around a hyper-acute stroke course run by Dr D O’Kane [Clinical Stroke Lead and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer]. It is accompanied by relevant references and a thorough literature review.

Overview: A comprehensive website for all facets of stroke medicine. From classification to treatment to hyper-acute stroke units, is a whistle-stop tour de force. Well referenced and informative, it delves but doesn’t overwhelm the interested reader. It can be wordy but is well divided into numerous sub-sections that can be perused individually and consumed at ones’ own leisure.  Each sub-section seems to be written with care and due diligence to detail.

The website is easy to navigate and well written. There is a precise and concise review of the various important trials pertaining to stroke thrombolysis. There is also an excellent section on stroke pharmacology [covering all possible drugs that may be relevant in Cerebro-vascular disease] and an in-depth review of uncommon causes of stroke.

The website would be an invaluable companion to speciality trainees or specialist nurses pursuing a career in Stroke. Medical students and junior doctors would also find it a handy reference tool for exams or in the Emergency Dept. It is a comprehensive up-to-date review of aspects of Stroke Medicine.

Update: The site was up-to-date as of December 2013

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