British Geriatrics Society Scientific meeting: Day 3

This week sees the 2013 BGS Autumn Scientific Meeting take place in Harrogate. This international multi-disciplinary conference is for professionals concerned with the the health and care of older people. We will be presenting a packed scientific programme, with updates on a variety of clinical topics covering several special interests.DSC_3306

The third day of our conference opens with two parallel sessions (9.00-10.30):

  • Session Q: Bereavement: Beginning with Prof David Jolley (University of Manchester) on psychiatric disorders after bereavement. Next is Mr Alan Casseden (Cruse Bereavement Care) on who will be encouraging attendees to reflect on their own death. Finally Dr Peter Dean (Coroners Office) describes changes in the coroner’s jurisdiction.
  • Session R: Care Homes: Dr Clive Bowman (City University, London) begins with a presentation entitled: “Care Home Medicine: Outside the box but not at large.” Dr Adam Gordon (Nottingham) will discusses “Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in care homes”, and Ms Julie Whitney (Kings College Hospital) will speak about on falls prevention in Care Homes.

Trevor Howell Lecture (11.30-12.30) This year is from Prof Timo Strandberg (University of Helsinki and Oulu, Finland, President-Elect EUGMS) and is entitled How to live (healthy) up to 100 years. 

BGS Annual General Meeting (12.30-13.30).

After lunch we offer three more parallel sessions (14.00-15.00):

  • Session S: Movement Disorders: Begins with Dr Peter Fletcher (Cheltenham General Hospital) on diagnosis of movement disorders. Dr Helen Roberts (University of Southamption) asks which medication should I prescribe? Next Dr Richard Genever (Chesterfield Royal Hospital) looks at perioperative care and management in hospital. Finally Dr Richard Walker (North Tyneside) presents on end stage disease in Parkinson’s.
  • Session T: Biochemistry: Prof Dave Jones (Newcastle University) presents on hepatic disease on the acute medical unit. Dr Dave Burgess (Sunderland) asks What can the Biochemistry Department do for you?
  • Session U: Post Francis: Dr Susy Long (Imperial College London) looks at measuring safety and the patient experience. Prof Jenny Firth-Cozens, (Imperial College) presents practical steps to enabling compassionate care. Finally Dr Caroline Nicholson (Kings College, London) discusses what being a frail older person means.

Session V: Clinical Service Development (15.30-16.30): “How can I get my clinical service started?” by Dr Adrian Hopper (Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital London) and “How can I make my clinical service better?” by Dr Tom Downes (Sheffield)

You can access the presentations on the BGS website here.

See also the details of BGS conference Day 1 and Day 2

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