EUGMS Meetings in Budapest

A report from the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) meetings in Budapest:

A seminar on geriatric long-term care was hosted for the participation of representatives of EUGMS and other Hungarian participants. Also invited were members of the ELTECA working group; Profs. Katarzyna Wiecorzowska-Tobis from Poznan, Poland, Debbie Tolson from Glasgow, UK, Cecilia Rokusek of Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA, and Iva Holmerová from Prague, CZ, who happily met again to continue their discussions on long-term geriatric care and the opportunities for cooperation.

The contributions of all speakers at the seminar were recorded and presented, in a concise version, at a celebratory conference for the International Day of Older People on October 1st, which was attended by the majority us, along with a short commentary. The conference in Hungary was truly historic: it was the first time that the highest representatives of both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs had met to talk about the topic of geriatric long-term care in Hungary, and in particular on the issues of cooperation in geriatrics and social services respectively). It was therefore very useful and important to be able to hear propositions and contributions from foreign participants, including messages from both the current and next Presidents of EUGMS.

Countries in the regions (Central and Eastern Europe) are faced with very similar problems: a very important one is the lack of connectivity between health and social care and the unsatisfactory communication of both ministries. Questions concerning care of the elderly and geriatric medicine are mostly underestimated in both sectors. It was especially important that they could hear presentations from Prof Jean-Pierre Michel on what attention is given to geriatric care in Europe, and the presentation by Professor Timo Stranberg who spoke about strategies on healthy aging in Europe.

In the time between seminars and conferences we had the opportunity to visit the long-term care centre and in Budapest and the nursing home that Agnes Egervári founded with her husband and where she works. We also attended lessons in dance therapy with clients of the home.

It’s possible to see many examples of good practice that are worth following in other countries, especially those that have similarly difficult conditions. Therefore, such joint meetings are so important. Thank you, Agnes and Béla and all the other colleagues who organised with such care this meeting in Budapest.

Read the full article by Iva Holmerova on the EUGMS blog: Autumn Meetings in Budapest.

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