Why does ‘integrated care’ matter?

The jargon of ‘integrated care’ is much-used in health policy and management circles. But why does ‘integrated care’ matter? And what will it mean for patients?Capture

The Kings Fund have just developed a short animation designed to address these questions.  A large team were involved, including Prof David Oliver, President Elect of the British Geriatrics Society.  It aims to bring integrated care to life for anyone involved in improving patient care. If those working towards integrated care can share this vision with others in their local health and care system, then there is a real chance they can make integrated care happen.

Integrated care: making it happen

Too often, care is fragmented with services reflecting professional and institutional boundaries when it should be co-ordinated around the needs of patients. Delivering integrated, or joined-up, care for people with complex needs should be a priority for the NHS and core business for everyone working in health and social care.

We’d like to help make integrated care a reality across the country.

Our short animation aims to bring integrated care to life for anyone interested in improving care.

The full details can be found on the King’s Fund Website.

Read David Oliver’s recent article on the Making Health and Care Fit for an Ageing Population conference on 22nd October.

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