Assess to success

Joanna Gough is Scientific Officer of the British Geriatrics Society.posters

The growing enthusiasm for health care of older people is exemplified in the growing number of high quality poster submissions to the British Geriatrics Society’s autumn scientific meeting. We have had a record 155 posters accepted this year. In order to be accepted posters have had to clear a very robust peer-review process, so we can be sure that the quality is high and that the poster round will be one of the highlights of an already very interesting and exciting meeting.

An important part of the poster round is a second-stage peer review where candidates are asked to defend their poster before experts in health care of older people.  To make this run smoothly, we need as many poster assessors as possible.

Can you help? In addition to an enjoyable morning and the opportunity to participate actively in the meeting, all assessors will get breakfast, lunch and a chance to engage with new and established researchers. It will enhance your experience of an already interesting and action-packed meeting. If you are interested please contact me at with details of your interests, e.g. cardiology, nutrition, stroke, community geriatrics, etc.

You won’t regret it I promise!

1 thought on “Assess to success

  1. I always make a point of signing up as a poster assessor when I attend a BGS conference. It gets me out of my bed early on the Thursday and I get free breakfast! More importantly it gives the opportunity not just to see the wealth and breadth of research posters presented but to interact with the researchers and really understand the thought-processes behind their work.

    Many of the presenters are trainees and I always feel its an opportunity to meet with the rising stars in the world of healthcare for older people, and help to shape them into the clinical and research leaders of the future. Lots of the assessors are the current leaders in the field and so, for new consultants and final year StRs, being an assessor also represents an excellent networking opportunity.

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