Phone App Review: Qx Calculate

Qx Calculate

Costs: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android

Target Audience: All levels of doctors

Review: Ever needed to calculate a GRACE score in a chest pain patient? Or an eGFR in an elderly patient about to initiate bi-phosphonates?  RANSON score in pancreatitis? This excellent medical app for your phone provides ‘at your fingertips’ access to wide variety of medical risk scores.

The app can be customised to UK laboratory units. All manner of scores from Cardiology to Gastroenterology to Neurology to Cardiac surgery are covered and updated free of charge. This would be an invaluable tool on ward rounds or on an on-call shift in the emergency department. Highly Recommended.

For more details and to download, visit the website.

2 thoughts on “Phone App Review: Qx Calculate

  1. Thanks for this useful review. I can see that this application might come in handy on the acute medical take and there are some aspects useful to practice in geriatric medicine (risk indexes for thromboprophylaxis and scores, such as NIHSS, to allow us to decide about stroke thrombolysis). But what about those of us who are looking for an app that we can use in our core geriatrics and rehab practice – is there one out there that allows us to calculate Barthel, Berg Balance, Lindop, Geriatric Depression Scores, Neuropsychiatric inventory scores, etc?

    If anybody is aware of such an app, perhaps they could post a blog review, like Dr Sutha’s above.

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