Innovative designs for living with dementia

An interesting feature in the last five minutes of this morning’s Today programme on Radio 4 spoke about the Design Council’s innovation competition around “Living Well with Dementia”, the winners of which are announced today.

The five winners are summarised on the Design Council website and range from the immediately pragmatic to more esoteric solutions.  All challenge the assumptions that little can be done to change the status quo for dementia sufferers and have potential to tackle day to day frustrations head on.  They include:

  • An online service that matches family carers with locally available flexible work.
  • A carers’ social networking site that assists families to co-ordinate informal care for their relative with dementia around busy work and social lives.
  • A service providing “dementia dogs” for companionship and as a link to the community.
  • A GPS wristband to help reassure carers to help locate patients with dementia.
  • A fragrance release system to help stimulate appetite at mealtimes in care settings.

A live lecture, showcasing the projects, will take place online this afternoon from 1pm.  An exhibition showcasing the designs is being held at the Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London tomorrow, Friday 27th April 2012.