The Regs’ Review:- Kings’ College Gerontology MSc

Overview:-  One or two year (part-time) post-graduate programme at Kings College London

Review:- I can’t say how much this course has transformed my approach to geriatrics. It not only built up my knowledge around the biology of Aging, but also about the impending population ageing dilemma and its policy implications with regards to health, social and pension policy. Everything now makes sense(why older patients have to sell their house to fund their care?) and falls into place. The dissertation is tough (I had to touch up mine) but it instils in you a drive and appreciation for good research.  The lecturers and the course programme are well structured. The course is challenging and requires a lot of hard work. Not everyone gets through.  However, it is well worth the time and effort. You won’t regret it.

Value for money:-  Funding options in the forms of Grants are available from various sources (BGS, RSM, Deanery and Kings College itself). Use of study budget may also be feasible in certain deaneries. The course imparts a lot of value-added skills as part of the programme. The essay writing and dissertation are invaluable towards building analytical, critical appraisal and research method skills.  Option available to go on to pursue a Phd or MD. In terms of knowledge and core skills gained this course is priceless.

Insider Tip:- Take a year out of the programme  and do the course full-time. The part-time option is seductive but near impossible once you factor in work commitments. You can easily balance the course-work with the odd day of locum work to pay the mortgage. Doing the course full-time really enables you to work on your dissertation and no distractions from on-calls or nites.

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