The End of Life Care in Advanced Dementia Project

Almost 60 per cent of people with dementia die in care homes compared with 32 per cent in hospital. Older people entering nursing homes are much frailer than in previous decades and 70 per cent suffer from dementia, with half of this group dying in the first year after admission to nursing home care. Yet dementia is not recognised as a terminal condition by either staff or relatives.

In 2008 the King’s Fund agreed to fund a special project to support and train staff in a 120 bedded nursing home. The training was focused on the needs of residents with end stage dementia and their families. The End of Life Care in Advanced Dementia (ELCAD) project lasted for three years was based in a 120-bed care nursing home and set out to evaluate the effectiveness of its training interventions for the residents, their relatives and the staff.

Full article in the February BGS Newsletter.

Hannah Jacobs,  Gill Livingston, Eleanor Lewis-Holmes, Jackie Morris.